McKinsey & Co.

Mobile-based management training MVP




McKinsey innovation consultants can pitch and get the budget to develop a digital product or service MVP as a proof of concept to validate and alpha test prior to a commitment for a full product release. This was the case for McKinsey PiQUE, a mobile-based micro MBA training course geared for an EMEA audience. McKinsey identified a gap and an opportunity to provide McKinsey-caliber management training to an EMEA audience, especially Africa and the Middle East.

The concept was based on snackable, on-to-go training, much like Duo Lingo. To launch in 8 weeks, the agile process started with a deep design sprint, then a series of development sprints. While a more custom education platform would be developed if the alpha test validated the concept, to get up and running quickly, the platform was built on EdX, an open source e-learning platform that could provide the course structure, lesson plan, quiz and progress tracking functionality. The native mobile app would serve as a companion to McKinsey's existing online training courses. Two customizations were included — VR training content using a third party API, as well as podcasts.